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Skimming over an artexed ceiling to produce a smooth surface

The artexed ceiling surface, scraped and glued in preparation for skimming.

The ceiling has been skimmed and is drying out.

The dried skimmed ceiling after a coat of paint, it looks brand new.

Nice and smooth, no hint of the previous artex surface.

A Full replacement ceiling including replacement coving and ceiling rose


The most common method of putting
a new ceiling in, batons and
plasterboard over the old surface

Fixing the new plasterboard to the batons

Freshly plastered, with the new coving
and ceiling rose fixed into place

A neat professional finish

Ceiling Repair due to water damage from a leak in the room above

The damp ceiling section has been removed

Clearer view of the water damage

Replacing section of plasterboard

Re-plastered and drying nicely

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